Valley Of Kings

Valley of the Kings Perfect Place To Visit If You Are Interested In Egyptian History

If you are interested in Egyptian history then the Valley of the Kings would be the perfect place to visit. The valley is as intriguing as its name. It is so called because, for about 500 years, tombs of the Pharaohs and the powerful nobles of the New Kingdom were built here. Standing on the west bank of the Nile, the valley has 63 tombs and chambers. Scenes of Egyptian Mythology are depicted on the tombs which give an insight into the beliefs and funerary rituals of Egyptians. That is why the valley has been the major focus of archaeological and egyptological exploration for centuries and has also attracted tourists from all over the world.Valley Of KingsThe valley is particularly famous for the tomb of the famous pharaoh King Tutankhamen. Anyone interested in the rumor of the “Curse of Pharaohs” would love to visit this tomb. The valley became a World Heritage Site in 1979.
The tombs are famous for their unique design. The older tombs are in the forms of pyramids while the later ones have square-like designs. However, the major parts are the same, i.e. three different corridors, one antechamber and one sarcophagus chamber. The last chamber was built at the lowest level.Tutkhanum Tomb
Tutkhanum PharoahTourists are bound to be attracted by two things. Firstly, it is a common belief that the treasure of the pharaohs was buried with them so there is a fair chance of finding the treasure in the tombs and secondly the mummified bodies of the great pharaohs themselves are buried here. The most commonly visited tombs are those of Thutmose the Third, Horemheb, Ramses the Sixth, Ramses the Fourth and Seti the First.

An interesting and disappointing fact about Seti’s tomb is that his body and sarcophagus are present in London in the Sir John Soane Museum. Seti has the longest of the 63 tombs. Seti One Mummy
Seti I TempleRameses the Forth’s tomb shows the paintings of the goddesses Nut and Isis. The corridors are painted white. The painting of goddess of daytime, Nut is drawn on the ceiling. His sarcophagus is of granite and the painting of the goddess of rebirth, Isis is drawn on it.Ramses The Fourth Tomb
Valley Of Kings Tomb
Valley Of Kings
Valley Of Kings

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