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Croatia is one of the best natural art countries in the world.  The country itself, today, is main tourist destination. There are hundreds tourist attraction spread out in the country from; from lush landscape to bush forest, from lake to beaches are all combined in natural beauty.

Croatia (3)Croatia waterfalls

Croatia (8)Croatia heart shaped island

Golden Horn, Brac Island

Stay in Rustica Villa that built in Roman era while enjoying the wonderful scene of Golden Horn beach.  The beach is decorated by golden sand that will make a spectacular sense.  Many visitors spend their time on this beach.  The most activity they do is windsurfing especially in the afternoon as the wind gets stronger.  Moreover, you can do other activities on the beach such as banana boat, Jet Ski, parachute ride and many more. Or else, you can just hang out with your partner, family or even join the crowds while having fresh beverages or just having a hot drink around the beach.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Croatia

mapCroatia map

Plitvice Lake National Park, Lika – Croatia

The most beautiful art in Croatia you can find in Lika, where you can witness of 20 lakes combine together in one big lake. It is amazing! The lake becomes tourist targets in Croatia.  The lake was formed by geomorphic process.  16 of them link each other.

The lake divided into two parts.  The first part is located at the hill surrounded by forest.  It is linked with numbers of waterfalls and the other lake is located below the hill.  It is smaller and shallow surrounded by bushes.

Visitors can hike between the lakes or walking along the long bridge while enjoying the waterfalls, lakes as well as the wild animals there.  It takes you about 8 hours to have a complete your adventure.  It is 300 kilometers square.  However, the park provides shuttle bus for the visitors or explores the lake by using electric boat that will bring you from one lake to another lake.

Croatia (1)Croatia Islands

Croatia (4)Croatia people enjoying in water

Croatia (2)Lakes in Croatia

Croatia (6)Croatia Pictures

Croatia (7)


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