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Ayers Rock (4)

Ayers Rock In The Southern Part Of The Northern Territory In Central Australia

Ayers rock which is known as Uluru. It is the famous natural land mark of Australia. It boast the statistics and has very lavish landscape. By the William Gosse the Uluru is named as the Ayers rock in year 1873 and it have been area of Abrogines over the 10,000 years. At the end of the sea it sat and now it stands above the ground around the 348m. Continue reading

Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant (1)

Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant – Japanese Restaurant

For culinary fans, in particular Japanese food and Sushi lovers,  Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant is very familiar. However, not many people know the history of the founder of the restaurant itself. The name of the restaurant actually was taken from the founder Nobuyuki Matsuhisa from Saitama, Japan.

Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant is well-known for its Sushi.  The restaurant that has branches in Ney York, London, Milan and some other big cities in the world always looks crowded by visitors as well as some celebrities. As a result, Nobuyuki becomes most famous chef in the world. Continue reading

Galapagos Islands (2)

Galapagos Islands An Archipelago Of Volcanic Islands

If you are one of those people who are always looking for interesting new places to visit and have an adventure of a lifetime, then the Galapagos Islands located to the west of Ecuador in South America might interest you. These beautiful beaches have a lot to offer you and you would not be bored for a moment. The isles are a great location for a honeymoon or a vacation with friends and family.  The archipelago is made up of numerous small isles each of which has a different adventure to offer you. Some of the popular isles you are likely to visit while you are in the area are Baltra, Bartolome, Darwin, Espanola,  Ferandina, Floreana, Genovesa and many others. Continue reading

Montenegro (5)

Montenegro A Country In Southeastern Europe

Montenegro is a country which is situated in the Europe south eastern part. Towards the north east Serbia is situated, to the east Kosovo, towards the west Croatia, towards the north east Herzegovina. These all are the neighbors of your countries. On year 2006 3 June, it got independent. It contains the population of 650,000. AS the name of this country get the black mountain because it contains Dark Mountain forest which covers the land. The mountain which we found here were natural fortress that helped this country to maintain their independence. Continue reading

Karachi (11)

Karachi Largest & Most Populous City In Pakistan

Karachi which is situated in southern province of sindh, is a huge city and was capital before Islamabad. Firstly it was just a little fishing village but now it is turned to Pakistan’s most industrial and business center. Now it works as an international trader for transport and developing a center as well. For country it contains the biggest port in country. Now today city is known for busiest city in Pakistan. After facing so much economic and social challenges, it is expanded because of population and rapidly their economy gets advanced, transforms the city to well financial advanced city. Along they have headquarters for all big banks and now even they have their own stock exchange, the KSE stock exchange and with that they have expo center as well. Continue reading

Madeira (8)

Madeira A Portuguese Archipelago

It is situated in the southwest of Lisbon in Atlantic Ocean contains a perfect climate. It has an interesting view with lovely scarps which rise dangerously from sea. This island is from 1420. When it was sighted people thought that its mountains give the signals of the gate of Hell.This Island has very different six climate zones with combination of beautiful plants and flowers, if we compare this island with Hawaii. Continue reading