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Times Square (2)

Times Square, Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Times Square Overview

Times Square is a place where you will find a real joy of life together with your partner and group. A best area to share a smile each other. It is the most bustling square of New York that get many visitor are driving. So many Broadway theater, cinemas and billboards spread over the area. The most amazing time to come there is night because you will see many various lights decode the city. Number of entertainments and attractions available for every people start from music rows, venues and clubs, attractions, music, comedy & other events.   Continue reading

Fiji islands (9)

Fiji An Island Country In Melanesia

Fiji is the heart of south pacific which blessed with 333 tropical island that are the home of happiness. Fiji is famous for its white sand beaches that able to attract many people to visit. It become a perfect summer holiday for family and groups. Here we will talk about some best beaches of Fiji that is most favored. The first shore is Cove beach which located on Turtle island and contain of 14 spectacular beaches that features white sand and sparkling water. I suggest you to have picnic here because of the fresh air and beautiful scenery will complete you day.  Continue reading

Stanley Park (5)

Stanley Park, A Public Park In Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park Complete Guide

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s first most beloved urban recreational area. This park is very large and even designated as historic site of Canada. A magnificent green oasis spread over the area which is built-in the midst of Vancouver urban landscape. everywhere e is fulled with green and shade overview. A tidy arrangement of the parkland adds with simple route allow visitor happily walking or cycling along the area. Continue reading

Chamonix great view France

Chamonix Mont Blanc Sports Destination in France

Chamonix is located at the Haute Savioe department of the Rones Alphen region of south-east France and has a reputation as the European capital of extreme adventure sport. This is a best reason why they get so many visitor especially at winter because they desiring to try skiing. Be brave to try some extreme sport there, or you can only explore the famous ski and valley Blanche with a mountain guide.So it is good idea to have a fun and relax day at Chamonic since they also has good relaxing side in form Afternoon Tea and Spa. Continue reading

Barcelona Spain (11)

Barcelona Spain, Capital City Of Catalonia

Visiting Spain is not completed unless you visit Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. What makes you obliged to visit it is that the fourth most creative city in the world. What are the creative thing there? Surely you will definitely find many art buildings with ancient classics of castle style which most has unique and huge shape. Continue reading

Central Park NewYork (12)

Central Park New York, United States

When you are fed up with your daily annoying routine business, then you usually think about getting out of home to refresh your mind with fresh air and natural sightseeing.  Such a place is  New York Central Park, you wanna consider visiting. It is new fresh idea of New York backyard in which you will definitely discover many relaxing corners and sides. This wonderful naturally place is designed to create serene atmosphere and even you can do many simple activity there. New York Central Park is good idea to spend a day. Continue reading

Algarve (9)

Algarve Located On South Of Portugal

Whenever you come to Portugal, don’t ever miss the Algarve, the best vacation destination. It is the southern most of mainland and currently the third richest region in Portugal. It has an impressive beaches with the length of the south-facing coastline is approximately 155 kilometers. The unique thing here is that the region constitute the home of Ria Formosa lagoon, a nature reserve which become the stopping place for hundreds different birds. Continue reading

CN Tower (1)

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CN Tower Complete Overview

The famous CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is considered to one of the greatest landmark in Canada. This observation structure is about 553.33 meters high and is built on the former Railway Lands and reached the stage of its completion in 1976 and hence was rightfully declared as the tallest free-standing structure and tower of its time. Continue reading